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Monatsarchiv: März 2023

Switzerland Rework - Alps

Switzerland Rework - Alps

Our rework team is currently working hard on bringing Switzerland up to the current standards, and there is one particular aspect of the country that is impossible to overlook - the Alps. Offering magnificent views, the newly added roads will make it worth your while to visit.


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Siggi   31. März 2023    14:00    ETS2    0    148

Germany Rework - Nuremberg

Germany Rework - Nuremberg

The rework of several German cities in Euro Truck Simulator 2 is drawing ever closer and you should definitely get ready to explore the city of Nuremberg like never before! Let’s take a look at what this beautiful city with rich history will offer once the update arrives.


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Siggi   09. März 2023    08:15    ETS2    0    160

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